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Kennel SNOWPUG - Pugs in North Norway

"You haven`t live - before you have been living with a pug"

Norway's northernmost FCI registered pug breeder

2006 - News and updates frome Snowpug`s

Wich world are WE living in?

I will here write some information and experience witch I have when I was in Paris. I`m very pleased if you have any comment about this - write to: [email protected]

14th December -05 was I comming home from a trip in the lovely city Paris in France. But it was not just nice things to see - on the trip one of my gole was to visit different "Animals Store" - what I saw there was HORRIBLE!

As many people around the world I`m against keeping cats, dogs and bigger animals in small cages - witch many "Animals stores" have.

In all the stores I was looking into they had pugs - it was a very sadly, horrible and scary sight. Some of the pugs where only 4 - 5 weeks old - and when I asked the "store chef" questions about the puppies he told me "this puppie is almost 2 months old". What a lie!! The puppie was so small and tiny that I`m so sure that it was only 4 - 5 weeks. It`s terrible that the store are lying about the age...

Almost all the pugs I saw in this stores had different infections and many of them was very thin and you could see that their health wasn't good. My reaction when I saw all this was so much anger! And when I was sitting down to speak with the puppies they were so happy for having human contact.. I couldn't help it - I started crying.... this helpless puppies in a cage like a aquarium! Words cant describe enough how I felt ore how it was... My wish was to take all the pugs with me - but I couldn't do it!! It was a terrible feeling to leave them there when they were crying...

I`m so angry what some people can do with animals! Why are they treating they so badly? Why can`t they give them medical treatment? Give them right food? Human contact?

I should wish that it would come a law all over the world about this things. Specially the "Animals store" should have some laws to work after - but what can we do? Can we do anything about this? Because it isn't just in France this things are happening. It are happening all over the world where it is such "Animals store" where they have many different animals.

I must also say that it wasn't just the pugs I was looking into. I was looking into all the animals the stores have - and I was asking much questions to the "store chef" about the different animals. But all the people who worked in the stores was in the end not speaking so much to me - the questions I asked in the end was to hard for them to answer into and they couldn't do it.... Is there anything we can do about this??

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