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Kennel SNOWPUG - Pugs in North Norway

"You haven`t live - before you have been living with a pug"

Norway's northernmost FCI registered pug breeder

       2007 - News and updates frome Snowpug`s

On this site you can read about different updates on our web-site.

Our Snowpug-Blog would be updated regularly with all small news and information frome our kennel.

New blog                                                Old blog

12. November 2007:

  • News from the showring

What a FANTASTIC weekend!! This weekend we were on a national Dogshow on Stord here in Hordaland. We was only showing three of our pugs, the puppies: Snowpug`s Addis Black Sorrow, Snowpug`s Alice Deejay and Borzan`s Black Tequila Girl.

Our puppy buyer - Gunnvor from Voss came to this dogshow with Snowpug`s Alexander O`Neal. I have not seen him since he left our home in May - but when I saw him yesterday I saw who he was before I looked up and saw his owners. It was a big joy and pleasure to meet this handsome gentleman again - and what a MAN!! We could see so much of his father in his head - but Stanley (as they call him) has smaller eyes. He has a great body, tailset, movements, head/ears and bones and a beutiful colour - and I have to say that his temperament was very good. I`m really looking forward to follow this handsome man in the future! (picture of him will come). I have to congratulate Gunnvor with her and Stanley`s debute in the showring - you were so clever and I`m so PROUD of both of you!!!

So - we were showping our puppies and Gunnvor was showing Stanley. This was the results:

***Borzan`s Black Teqila Girl - 2nd. Best female puppy. The judge liked our black pearl very much and he said and wrote very much positive things about her. But to day on this dogshow this wasn`t her "day".

***Snowpug`s Alexander O`Neal - 2nd. Best male puppy. Stanley get very much good words from the judge. He said that he had marvelous movements, temperament, size and body. And of course I was happy to hear all the good things he said about him. (I will lay out the things the judge wrote another time)

***Snowpug`s Addis Black Sorrow - Best male and Best of Opposite Sex Puppy (BOS).

***Snowpug`s Alice Deejay - Best female and Best Of Breed Puppy (BOB)

When Teodor and Anna get BOS and BOB I hardly could belive it. I can`t say enough how proud I am over the kind words the judges has said about the puppies frome our A-litter. Since this is the first litter of mine - its important for me to hear what different judges has to say about the puppies. Not only the two puppies I have in my home - but also the three other ones. All the judges who has seen the puppies from our A-litter has said a lot of positive things about them, such as - good bones, good coat and colour, very good temperament, good heads and expression, good movements.

This was the last time these pugs was shown as puppies - next time in 2008 they all are Junior`s - and I`m looking forward to see how they will react when they are enetering the adult-showring. The time when they have been puppies has been joyful and I have been learning a lot of them - now we are looking forward to see how they will develop and grow.

I`m sending a big thanks to all of my puppy-buyers - you are taking so good care of your Snowpug`s babies

09. November 2007:

03. November 2007:

  • The puppies has arrived to their new homes. We wish all our puppie-buyers good luck with their new Snowpug-babies.
  • Puppies from our B-litter has got their own pages

26. October 2007:

15. October 2007:

  • B - puppies has got their second photoalbum Take a look and enjoy the funny pictures of our sweeties.

10. October 2007:

07. October 2007:

Snowpug`s Armand Van Helden died friday 28. September -07.

He was a very healty and good male - but sadly he died when he should clean his ears at the veterinary.

05. October 2007:

04. October 2007:

30. September 2007:

Is it realy true? Our little black pearl - Borzan`s Black Tequila Girl - did it today again Best of Opposite Sex Puppy (BOS). Judge Arne Foss liked our little princess very much and said she was of excellent quality!!! I`m so proud of her. This was her second dogshow and she take the showring with storm!!

Our little gentleman - Snowpug`s Addis Black Sorrow - was so tired after the hard yesterday - so he wanted just to relax. But the judge liked him very, very much - he said to everyone in the ring: "Look at this face, its just amayzing how precious he is. He has realy charmed me - just look at him!". But unfortunally since our boy was so tired Arne Foss couldn`t place him at nr. 1 best male. He said that he realy today was a star - and he could develop and grow to be a much more handsom gentleman.As a breeder I think this is good to hear - and I took this kind words with me.

Our female - Snowpug`s Alice Deejay - was placed as 2nd. best female puppy. My son, Tor-Gunnar, was handling her and she has SO MUCH ENERGY!!! She was jumping and running - the judge couldn`t do anything else than laugh

Teodor and Anna`s mother - Pugbully Joan Baez - was placed as 1st.AK, 2nd.AKK. Sarah have to get a weight-loss, because she has been to fat for so long now. But it isn`t so easy to do this becuase she is a maniac after food....

29. September 2007:

*** Snowpug`s Addis Black Sorrow - Best Of Breed Puppy (BOB). Thank you so much judge, Runde Lysgaard, for that you like my handsome boy so much We were not waiting for the finale because we had to wait 5 hours before it should began The dogs were so tired so I decided to leave the show.

*** Borzan`s Black Tequila Girl - Best of Opposite Sex Puppy (BOS). I was so proud when the judge, Rune Lysgaard, picked out my little black pearl to the best puppy bitch I was so proud of "Mandy" - this was her first dogshow and she were doing it SO well. She was so calm and quiet and she was doing her work so good.

*** Snowpug`s Alice Deejay - 2nd. best female puppy.

*** Pugbully Joan Baez - 1st.AK, 2nd.AKK

26. September 2007:

23. September 2007:

22. September 2007:

20. September 2007:

My website have needed a "facelift" over a long time and for that this should be possible I have to work with it regularly. There has been serveral changes on the site and there will come much more. I have decided not to write on this page about all the small and big changes I`m doing with the site - so you just have to check it out regularly 

17. September 2007:

  • New picture on the frontpage of our black pearl - Amanda
  • New page - Tor-Gunnar`s handling
  • Finally we have our own banner
  • New link to pug kennel Chinouk`s Paradise in Netherland

15. September 2007:

13. September 2007:

12. September 2007:

11. September 2007:

  • All the puppies are sold
  • New showresults from Norwegian Kennel Club 09.11.07 - Stavanger, Norway - 18 entries. Pugbully Joan Baez 1 AK, 1 AKK, 5 BTK with R. CAC

04. September 2007:

We have avaibale a female puppy to the right people. For this puppy we are looking after a home nearby - in Hordaland. If you are interesseting you can contact us on email: [email protected] Tell us about your selves, your wishes and why you think you can afford this little female the right home.

01st. September 2007:

  • Pictures of the puppies in the B - litter taken 01st. September 2007
  • New picture on the frontpage taken of the male in our B - litter

We congratulate Liv Laukvik and Snowpug`s Alanis Morisette (aka Frida) with fantastic showresults today. On her debut in the showring she got BOB!!! Judge for pug-puppies were Aase Jacobsen, Tromsoe.

25. August 2007:

24. August 2007:

  • The page Our Pugs and Photoalbum is updated
  • New picture on the frontpage taken of our sweet female Snowpug`s Alice Deejay - aka "Anna"
  • The page About us is updated

21. August 2007:

20. August 2007:

This is a sad day in our kennel This afternoon the smallest boy - "Lillemann" - was taking his last breath, he was so small and tiny. I`ve tried all the things that could bee done in such a situation - but his life couldnt be saved. It`s very sad - but we are comforting us selves that he`s okey where he now is - and that he`s in animalheaven... Rest in peace my prescious little angel - your time on this earth was very short - we will keep your spirit in our soul and heart...

Now we have to consentrate us about the rest of the puppies. We have 6 beautiful and healthy babies wich are very strong and in full activity. On this 4 days they has grown a lot - we can see differenses frome day to day.

Denise is a wonderful mother and she is so kind and clever with her babies.

16. August 2007:

This night Denise (Troppola Dark Denise) gave born to 7 pug-puppies. The first puppy were born at 00.55 and the last at 03.20. She were so clever and the puppies come out of her very lightly. Now we just hope that they all will survey - because two of the babies are very small and tiny and I`m afraid that it wouldnt go fine with them. But the time will show - and I`m crossing my fingers for them all!! I will lay out puppy pictures after a littlke while. Now I`m very tired after a whole night awake with my clever bitch Denise - but thats life I can sleep an another time.....

All the puppies are spoken for.

12. August 2007:

At last after so long waiting - our little black princess finally has come home. We wish to present our future hope - Borzan's Black Tequila Girl. I cant say thank you enough - Janet and Stig Holm, kennel Borzan`s -,for that you are trusting me this fantastic little black pearl!!

Amanda will get her own pages on the internett-site, so keep up the waiting 

  • Dogshow Norwegian Kennel Club - place Bjerke, Oslo - Pugbully Joan Baez 2AKK.
  • We wish to congratulate our breeder of Pugbully Joan Baez - Heidi Fridtjofsen, kennel Pugbully - with the marvelous showresults she got in Breeding class this day - 3 Best In Show!! Congratulations!!

05. August 2007:

  • "The show must go on" - showresults from dogshow in Lofoten Norway:

           N S UCH Borzan`s Phantor Girls Favorite - Best Of Breed (BOB) and Reserve Certification (R. CAC)

           Pugbully Joan Baez - Best Of Opposite Sex (BOS) and Certification (CAC)

           Snowpug`s Alice Deejay - Best of Breed puppy (BOB) and Five Best In Group 9

           Snowpug`s Addis Black Sorrow - Best of Opposite sex (BOS)

I`m truly speachless over the showdebut to our two little angels - Anna and Teodor - they were both placed in the Group 9 - and the judges sayed very much good abouth them. I`m very greatfull for that they liked them so much!!

  • Also today Tor-Gunnar was handling in the competition "Barn og Hund" - this day he was placed as number 2 - CONGRATULATE dear son!!

04th. August 2007:

  • What a wonderful day here on our summer-holliday in Lofoten, North-Norway!! Today Sarah (Pugbully Joan Baez) was on her first dogshow after she gave birth to her five puppies - and what a marvelous showresults she gets of judge Harry Tast - Best of Breed (BOB) and Certification (CAC).

Below is what the judge sayed about her (I`m sorry but this is only in Norwegian):

Kraftig kompakt og dyp kropp. Velformet skalle. Underkjeven ønskes bredere. Vakkert uttrykk. Kraftig vinkling. Velbåren hale. Rører seg effektivt.

Tor-Gunnar and Pugbully Joan Baez

  • Our champion male was also shown this day - and he gets these results of the judge Harry Tast - Best of Opposite sex (BOS) and Reserve Certification (R. CAC).
  • My son Tor-Gunnar was handling Oscar in the class "Barn og Hund". It was about 19 enteries - and he won this competition!!! CONGRATULATE!! I`m so proud of him - and I`m so glad over that he loves to handle the dogs.
  • Herman`s oldest daughter - Helene - was handling Sarah in the competition "Barn og Hund". It was about 19 enteries - and she became nr. 2. This was her first time on a dogshow and she loved it. I think she was very clever and it would be a pleasure to train her up for handling the pugs.
  • Our two puppies was on their first dogshow in their lives - and they were so clever!! They was calm and handled all the noice very good. I was so proud of them On of our puppy buyers - Marthe and Magnus with Pondus - come to this dogshow for showing their Pondus boy and for that the puppies could play and enjoy each-other. All the three of them gets fantastic showresults - just have a look what the judge Harry Tast gave them and what he sayed about our two puppies:

         Snowpug`s Armand Van Helden -قnd. best puppy male with price of honour

         Snowpug`s Addis Black Sorrow - Best of Breed puppy (BOB) and Third Best In Group 9!!!!!

         Snowpug`s Alice Deejay - Best of Opposite sex (BOS)

Below is what the judge sayed about our two puppies (I`m sorry but this is only in Norwegian):

*** Snowpug`s Addis Black Sorrow: Meget lovende valp. Selvsikker og allerede nå et veridfullt vesen.Velformet hode. Bra maske. Velbygget helt gjennom. Velrullet hale. Typiske bevegelses skjema.

*** Snowpug`s Alice Deejay: Meget lovende valp av utmerket type. Velutviklet, kompakt kropp. Feminimt hode med vakkert uttrykk. Velutviklet underkjeve. Noe lyse øyne. Velrullet hale. Effektiv med meget typiske bevegelser.

I`m so proud of my little angels - and thank you so much Marthe and Magnus for that you come her to Lofoten so I could see and show Pondus on this dogshow. You are taking so good care of this little prince!!!

Snowpug`s Armand Van Helden with his "new parents" Marthe and Magnus frome Sørreisa, North Norway

The second bitch/female frome this litter was visiting us on the dogshow, Snowpug`s Alanis Morisette. She wasnt shown because they should travel away. But since they was not doing this - they was visiting us instead - and we are so happy for that. Little Frida has grown up to be a very feminim bitch - with very happy and good temperament. Picture of her will come on the website after a while.

29. July 2007:

First I have to appologize so much to all my visitors for the few updates on the website. Ther is many reasons for this - but the mane reason is my wedding and the moving to our new home. But I can promise you all that after sthe summer has gone I will update my site regularly.

I will now write shortly about the most important updates frome our home.

  • The puppies after Sarah and Oscar wich was born in March - was all arrivng to their new homes in May. They are all doing it well - and my puppy buyers are so clever to send me information and pictures of their little angels. Thank you so much - and keep up the good work you are doing with my little babies Frome this litter we have at home two puppies - this is a lovely female - Snowpug`s Alice Deejay - and a masculine male - Snowpug`s Addis Black Sorrow. More information and pictures of them would come after a while.
  • In June Denise was mated with Oscar and she is pregnant. If it all is going well the puppies would see the daylight around 19. August. We are crossing our fingers for that it all would go okey.... (all the pupies are spoken for)
  • In August there would arrived a new lovely female to our kennel. We have been waiting for this little female for a very long time - and soon the time has come for getting her home!! More information would come....
  • New picture on the frontpage - taken of our little female Snowpug`s Alice Deejay. On the picture she is 4 months old.
  • We havent been on so many dogshows until now this year. There is naturaly reasons for this - but I hope 2008 would be a showyear for my dogs.
  • The 14. July I was getting married to my belowing husband Herman. I have now change my lastname to Kaldestad so my full name is now - Mona Helen Gunnarsdotter Kaldestad. Below is a picture of us when we are standing outside the church. I think this was the biggest day in my life!!!.

14. April 2007:

  • New picture on the frontpage taken of Elvis

27. March 2007:

14. March 2007:

09. March 2007:

08. March 2007:

07. March 2007:

03rd. March 2007:

  • What a marvelous happening!! On the evening 01st. March 2007 - Sarah and Oscar become parents for their first time. For more information and pictures take a look on the puppies own page.

Thank you so much Heidi ( for your advice and help under the delivering. You have learn me a lot about the labours!!

26. February 2007:

29. January 2007:

In the hole weekend we have packed down all our things in our home. We have done this because we are moving today from Tromsø to Sunde in Kvinnherad kommune, West-Norway. It was a little bit sad but in the same time very good....

It will maybe take a little time before my website would be updated again - this because we are moving to our new home.

22. January 2007:

Finally we get our own domene name. I hope all my guest, friends and visitors could change their web-adress they have registered on me to:

19. January 2007:

Sarah (Pugbully Joan Baez) has been mated with Oscar (N S UCH Borzan`s Phantor Girls Favorite) and we are expecting puppies in week 9.

There are some big changes in our lives. In the end of January we are moving from Tromsø to a place called Sunde wich is about 10 miles south for the city Bergen in West Norway, Sunde is a small place in Kvinnherad kommune in Sunnhordland. We are moving because I`m getting married in July. I meet my boyfriend for the first time when I was 16 year when I was going on school in Kvinnherad kommune. We were so lucky to meet eachother again last year after 16 years - and again it was love at the first sight!! Our new adress will be: Slettestølsveien 12, N-5450 Sunde I Sunnhordland, Norway.

05th. January 2007:





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