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Kennel SNOWPUG - Pugs in North Norway

"You haven`t live - before you have been living with a pug"

Norway's northernmost FCI registered pug breeder

D-LITTER born 21. August 2008

Troppola Dark Denise was mated 24. June -08 - with our male frome the first Snowpug litter - Snowpug`s Addis Black Sorrow.

21. August 2008 she gave birth to 4 healthy and strong puppies, 2 males and 2 females. There were no complications and she is as always a wonderful mother.

The puppies are born!!!!!

Our "DREAM" litter

The name on our D-litter has our twins decided. Our twins, Emma and Emil, are 5 years old, and they are now on a stage in life where they are talking alot about their dreams. So when they where talking to me about names on this litter - their suggestion was - "DREAM" So it is for me a big joy to proudly present the puppies "DREAMING" names.

The DREAM names are:                                 Owners:

  • Snowpug`s Dreaming Theo (M)              Eva-Karin Bjørnset, Florø
  • Snowpug`s Dreaming Dore Q (M)                Bente Aas og Hans Riksfjord, Molde
  • Snowpug`s Dreaming Dina (F)                   Laila Hovland, Bergen
  • Snowpug`s Dreaming Tjorven (F)           Kjetil Kleiven and Siv M. Byberg, Stavanger

All 4 puppies 

 Male nr. 1

 Female nr. 2

Snowpug`s Addis Black Sorrow 

Borzan`s Phantor Girls Favorite

Kastanjan Lotus Lothar

Solna`s Adams Rib

Kastanjan Cocos-Liselotte

Klehaugens Gullvivah

Moyard Moonpilot

Klehaugens Britta Eime Alt

Pugbully Joan Baez

Pugbully Dirty Harry

Kendoric`s American Flyer

Belly Button Bullypug

Klehaugens Poetry In Motion

Kendoric`s American Flyer

Klehaugens Evy

Troppola Dark Denise

Nabuco's Calvin Klein

Nabuco`s Victor Hugo 

Bowtie`s Oh No Mr Bill Live

Nabuco`s Bety Boop

Nabuco`s Fernanda 

Double D Dreaming Of A Dance

Rowell`s Suddenly Scarlet

Troppola Xaviera  

Kastanjan Oscularia - Oscar

Solna`s Adam`s Rib

Kastanjan Fortune-Flora

Troppola Prima Ballerina

Troppola Elton John

Troppola Kiss Me Quick

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